El Cid Marina Beach


*El Cid Marina Beach* is located in Mexico in historic Mazatlan - a city known as the Pearl of the Pacific! Just inside the Tropic of Cancer, this beautiful region features warm golden beaches and a beautiful blue sky all year long. It is also the gateway to the Sea of Cortez and to the mountains of the legendary Western Sierra Madre. Its name comes from the old Nahuat'l Indian tongue, which means 'Land of the Deer'. Mazatlan is distinguished for its vast diversity of activities which include an array of sightseeing adventures, local culture, tours and a variety of sports activities. The area boasts excellent fishing and is a short distance from a Lee Travino golf club, sailing, rural & ecological tourism, its internationally famous Carnival and much more! There is a beautiful restaurant located at the resort, and two swimming pools and a long sandy beach to walk. Located on a boat harbor, El Cid Marina Beach has a breathtaking westerly view. To discover more, please visit www.elcid.com. *RCI Gold Crown Rated / Interval International Select Resort* Featuring finely appointed floating accommodations. Annual usage is based on points, with 105,000 points per year included in the sale. RTU until 2025. Maintenance fees paid monthly. Points have been rolled over and can be used in 2020. For more information or to make an offer, please submit the inquiry form.

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